Grown up in Germany, Max, early on, developed the love for photography. Throughout the past decade he has traveled the United Stated and resided Chicago, where he predominately focussed on trends in urban exploring and lifestyle.

From the very beginning Max was able to utilize photography as a facilitator for creative ideas, reaching from studio to documentary photography. Partaking in a visual society, the camera allowed him to access places and events that are exclusive to limited access. The photographic process has defined his identity and every day life. While photography allowed him to interact with many creatives across several fields of visual and performing arts, he has developed many close friendships to rely on in life and collaborative environments. 

As of May 2016 Max is parting way with the United States and is focussed on projects and portfolio development throughout Europe and Asia. Max is on the continual search for extraordinary locations and their visual representation, he will continue to photograph the commonly inaccessible spaces and places.

2016 Max received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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