Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany

My google-maps account looks like the Milky-way, stars everywhere... for those that know how it looks when you amass saved locations. One of those stars was set to Beelitzer Heilstätten, about an hour south of Berlin. Last month I happened to travel through Beelitz on a quest to photograph architectural images across Germany for a website revision for one of my clients. Happy to be on time and having several hours till sunset, my designated shooting time in Potsdam, I decided to make a little detour.

While large parts of the complex are now behind tall fences warning about K-9 patrols, I stumbled across a wing of the former Mental Hospital that happened to be accessible without any risk taking. After all I could not afford to be arrested that day... 

This image series will give you an insight about my finds beyond the few images I plan to share on third party sites.

Be advised that you should never enter dilapidated places by your own. A partner to mitigate potential run-ins with dangers is crucial. With these words, enjoy the image series below: